What's the hype about yoga?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Welcome to my new website, specially created for teenagers and young people who are curious about yoga and the benefits it can bring to your mental and physical wellbeing. On you'll find details of Teen Yoga courses in the Cotswolds, Teen Yoga classes in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire as well as info about a new Teen Yoga Summer Camp I'm trying out at the fab Stroud Yoga Space from 23-27 August. Places are limited for this (even more so thanks to you, Covid!) so do get in touch to book your place!

I'll upload monthly blogs and videos with bite-size practices to show you how yoga can help you on a daily basis to feel happier and healthier. And you'll find an inspirational monthly Get Hyped quote to give you a focus or intention for the month ahead.

While it's relatively new to the teen market, yoga isn't a new practice. It's thousands of years old and was first devised as a daily practice to help people make sense of life. Nothing much has changed in all those years - humans are still trying to make sense of the world around them and yoga is still helping us find that same sense of peace and calm that the yogis were searching for back then - that's why over 300 million people actively practise yoga around the world today.

The beauty about yoga is that it is an evolving practice. It has changed with the times as teachers have modified and developed it to suit people's needs. So, you'll find all types of yoga available today, from flowing vinyasa style to energetic ashtanga, relaxing restorative to calming yin yoga. There's even laughing yoga and goat yoga!

My style is vinyasa flow but we slow it down so you can really get a sense of each pose. You'll notice how your body and mind react as you hold a pose, and you'll see how your fears can affect your mind as you take on challenging postures. And through all this we'll be focusing on breathwork and developing techniques that trick the nervous system into relaxation, calms the chattering mind and instills in you a sense of positivity and self-belief.

You'll discover that you really can cope when things get tough, that by stretching your body and mind you can find a sense of peace and calm, and that you have everything you need, right here, right now, to take on whatever life throw at you and to enjoy it!

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